KingsFans Fantasy Basketball: Leagues Full and Ready to Draft

FINAL EDIT: Ok, both leagues are full and ready to draft. Thanks everybody.


EDIT: We're pretty full on players for this weekly league, but we have room for one in the daily league. Check out the post just below this one and scroll to the end of the thread to see the latest.


We could use one (or three!) more players in year 16 of the Official KingsFans Fantasy Basketball league. We draft tomorrow (Saturday, 22-Oct) at 4:30pm PDT. Details here:

Please let me know in this thread, that thread, or by PM if you'd like to join and I'll get the link to you ASAP.
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Great. Sent you the link.

We'll leave this thread open for the rest of the day, since we would love to have a couple more people in either league.
Ok.. great. That will make 14 people. Very nice.

If anybody wants to try the Daily/Auction league... follow the link and sign up today!


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if k_dubb is in we need another person to pair with him to make it even (these leagues only allow even numbers)

So need 1 more...or 3 more!
Actually... not really. Depends on who signs up. kingsboi wanted in, but played last year and had a standing invite so didn't get included in my original count.

So if everybody who expressed interest signs up, we have 16! Otherwise, I drop the last person to join to make an even number. Still have 4 people who got an invite but haven't yet created their team.

This worked pretty well. Maybe next year we put a thread in this subforum in the first place. ;)
Sent a link for the Daily league to AusKing. I still have four invites sent but not used for the Weekly league so I'm putting a pause on that.

You have a few more hours to join the Daily league, though!
And we're full and finalized in both leagues.

Good luck all. Use the threads in the Fantasy and Games section or the message board on Yahoo if you have any questions, comments or smack talk.

As usual I have a last minute family obligation, so I'll probably miss both drafts. But I've won with auto-draft before so don't sleep on the fog balls.