KingsFans 2021 Draft Board: #4

If all players were available, who should the Kings draft?

  • Franz Wagner

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  • Jalen Johnson

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  • Josh Giddey

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  • Keon Johnson

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  • Ziaire Williams

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  1. Cade Cunningham
  2. Evan Mobley
  3. Jalen Green

  • You’ll be able to select only 1 player that you think would be the best pick FOR THE KINGS. This isn’t a generic big board. We’ll be making this a Kings specific big board.
  • The poll will be open for 48 hours. After it closes, the player with the most votes will take his rightful place on our KingsFans big board (in the event of a tie, I’ll be the tiebreaker to keep it simple).
  • The player chosen in the current poll will be missing from the next poll. At that point, we would only have 9 options so please post a comment below mentioning a player you would like to nominate for the next poll. The player who receives the most nominations will be added (in the event of a tie, I’ll be the tiebreaker to keep it simple).

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I voted for Kuminga. Certainly there is an argument to made for Suggs, whose floor is probably higher. But Kuminga's ceiling seems as high if not higher than Suggs', and he's a better fit to the Kings roster.

Nomination: Isaiah Todd
Suggs. Doesn't fit but has a high chance of becoming a solid player. Would give the Kings really good flexibility to get what they need.

Kuminga would be a perfect fit but has a higher chance of being a bust. Too risky to pick this high.
Jalen Johnson strikes me as Bagley 2.0. Hard pass.
completely different games..most notably that Johnson is considered an excellent defensive player both paint/perimeter and probably one of if not the best playmaking/passing forwards in the draft. Two things that even the most glowing draft profiles wouldn’t say for Bags.

Johnson would be a great stylistic fit for the Kings and I won’t be surprised if he is selected if the Kings stay 8-10
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