KingsFans 2021 Draft Board: #8

If all players were available, who should the Kings draft?

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  1. Cade Cunningham
  2. Evan Mobley
  3. Jalen Green
  4. Jonathan Kuminga
  5. Jalen Suggs
  6. Scottie Barnes
  7. Jalen Johnson

  • You’ll be able to select only 1 player that you think would be the best pick FOR THE KINGS. This isn’t a generic big board. We’ll be making this a Kings specific big board.
  • The poll will be open for 48 hours. After it closes, the player with the most votes will take his rightful place on our KingsFans big board (in the event of a tie, I’ll be the tiebreaker to keep it simple).
  • The player chosen in the current poll will be missing from the next poll. At that point, we would only have 9 options so please post a comment below mentioning a player you would like to nominate for the next poll. The player who receives the most nominations will be added (in the event of a tie, I’ll be the tiebreaker to keep it simple).

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Early returns look to be going towards Moody - I went with Wagner for a few reasons. I like his size as a 3/4 rather than the 2/3 size for Moody, he's a better passer, and I feel like in general he makes the right play almost every time down the court on both sides of the floor. Moody can fade into the background for me, Wagner stands out and demands your attention.

Nomination: Jared Butler
Yeh I keep going back and forth between Wagner and Moody. Moody projects as the better three point shooter which could be big. Franz to me is such a high IQ player that his chance of busting is incredibly low. His ceiling is probably not star level but I don’t think you can have too many smart and versatile players who excel defensively.
I chose Kai Jones, because he has the highest upside of the players on the list. If the Kings only ha that list of players to choose from, I’d rather they trade down and pick up a mid first and a late first. Then take Donsumu with the late first and take whoever falls from the group of Mitchell/Kai Jones/Giddey with the teens pick.
Per40, Moody attempts 6.9 free throws a game compared to 3.6 for Wagner.

The Kings desperately need defense and someone who can get to the line. Moody is it for me.
Moody is in that trio of dudes (Barnes, Moody, Wagner) that I'm really really excited about after the top 5. Huge wingspan, showed defensive success as a young freshman defending multiple wing positions, the Free throw rate as you said is super encouraging to predict scoring success at the next level, showed promise as a spacer. Should be a glove fit next to Fox/Hali as the 3. He's just the exact archetype of player you need to be adding to your team in 2021.