[Game] Kings vs. Blazers, 11/24/21 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

Gentry getting desperate here, lol. When you're struggling you stick with whatever is flowing and that starting unit had a flow. Wholesale subs in the middle of quarters won't cut it Alvin. However, putting Buddy in there instead of Hark might just work.
Haliburton needs to take his shots! I don’t understand why coaches haven’t told him to fire. Once he hesitates it’s a guaranteed miss. If he starts taking and making them it opens up his game including facilitating for others

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What a joke but this is on a Root sub channel here as the Blazers new home is showing the Kraken on the main station.

At least Kings don't have the worst broadcast rights in the league. We got that.
Are the Kings' broadcast rights even bad? Every game is televised on a network that is widely available on cable, satellite, and streaming - as far as I know.
Taking the Portland 1h over at 58 and the 1h total over at 114.5.

Come on Kings, run, run, run, run, run in the 1h.
Easy money. Now I’m going to take the 2h under on the Kings, because th3 Blazers will actually try to defend in the 2h.