[Game] Kings vs. Blazers, 11/24/21 7pm Pacific 10pm Eastern

That’s true. But just that little extra confidence being in in the last minute of close game. That’s mind altering confidence for a young guy
True! I think the key is communication. If he tells Bagley why he switched it up there, i really think it’ll be fine. Marvin seems to have a very cool spirit, even keeled
Gentry might actually make this team fun to watch again.

Willing to write off that L to Philly as a coaching change discombobulation.

.500 in the Gentry era!!
there was a lot of good in that game in the first 3 quarters if you didn't obsess on the "they were a g league team" bit. People may forget that that team is auditioning for what may be the only significant minutes they'll get while Kings were shell shocked and first night with new coach.

I don't think we are going to turn it around but jeeez, just seeing Marvin playing meaningfully and some of the different lineups was a joy. Luke was so friggin stuck in his sets and then he'd just decide to try something new out of the blue, but then rigidly stick to that. god if Gentry turns it around I'm almost going to be mad what we had to endure with Walton for so long.