[Game] Kings v. Suns - Friday, Dec. 29 - 7 PT

Also, c'mon Jerry. "At his age", Richmond was a much better player. Please. Richmond wasn't even in the league when he was Booker's age. I don't agree with giving players input with GMing and the like, but quit being such a homer, Jerry.
Grant misses complaining about cousins complaining to the refs. We get it grant, booker likes to complain a lot........
Grant (and Jerry sometimes) are a few of the reasons I'm having a rough time with this franchise right now.

Imagine how much better life would be if they were forced out and their jobs were given to Vince Carter and Doug Christie. :p
We missed a golden opportunity to open up a lead there....failure to execute good offense and lack of defensive rebounding during those 3-4 minutes killed us