[Game] Kings v. Sixers - Thursday, Nov. 9 - 7 PT


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You offer up a lot of credit to easily one of the most dysfunctional teams in the NBA(Kings) Only Brooklyn is worse. I don't put any stock into this game. They played a losing team. Yes, a losing team. Despite having 3 volume scorers. Kings won this game inspite of themselves. OKC is just as bad at the moment. At least, until they figure out how Melo and George are going to play with Westbrook.

I won't give much or any credit until the Kings beat a decent team. OKC is not that team.

Just for the record> The Kings don't have anyone, no one on the same talent level as Simmons or Embiid. Not even close.
You were saying? :p
All you guys make sure your grab your seats and hold tight. We're in for one helluva ride.

I fully expect to see the beginning of a parade of bandwagon fans here real soon, and you know what? They can just take their seats behind ours. :)

"They came out of nowhere!!"

First official win streak against two quality teams, clutch finishes by a young team. These are very good signs.


So, anybody want to talk again about how we don't have ANYBODY who can stop Embiid or Simmons??????

Sixers announcers were horrible. At the beginning of the game they said 'Willie Cauley Stein, well Jojo doesn't have to worry about him tonight on the offensive end.'

(Yes, they call Joel Embid Jojo. Horrible)

I was finding myself REALLY hoping for the Kings to pull this one out just so I could hear the sound of sad defeat and taste their tears of sorrow. Jerks.