[Game] Kings v. Pelicans - Saturday, Jan. 4 - 7PT/10ET

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As posted in the injury status thread, MB3 is out for tonight's game and Bogs is DOUBTFUL with right ankle soreness.
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Another game, another small ball team annihilating the Kings traditional lineup. If you are deadset on playing big, how can you not get the ball into the post to Bjelica. You are allowing them to guard him with Redick. Wow.


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NO scores 17 points in 5 minutes? This D must improve. It doesn't help to have Bjelica guard Ingram. And of course their 2G is scoring, just like last game.
There will be a Giles to New JJ pass + finish, and everyone here will lose their minds.
so far in the season i've seen only 2 passes completed to JJ for the oop on that play where he hands way outside of 3 line and runs to the basket and both where done by Bogdan. I remember him motioning to Joseph couple of times when Joseph decided it would be prudent not to throw it. Giles has the skill though...
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