[Game] Kings v. Nuggets - Saturday, Nov. 30 - 2 PT, 5 ET


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He was talking about getting the ball in the paint and drawing fouls specifically. Walton mentioned wanting to play with balance, both inside and out. The discussion centered around the inside game of Barnes.
Yes, and playing in the paint doesn't mean necessarily posting up. Walton likes to talk about "breaking the paint." It could be dribble drive or post up.
I think you're both circling around the same point: Harrison Barnes is good at drawing fouls, whether it's in the post, the point, on the perimeter, etc. And we're lucky to have him.
Good coaching. Kings coaches likely said stay with your man on the perimeter. JJ out there? Execution. Buddy? Buddy would've helped and left his man widddddeee open. Hoops IQ.
I would like to think you are wrong about Buddy but I suspect you might be right. I am pleasantly surprised with what we have seen from him on defense. I think Doug Christie is an apt comparison.
What a win yesterday!

Seriously, it was the type of win they‘ve rarely been able to get and usually would happen in reverse. So in that regard, it was very refreshing to see — even though we’d all prefer to see them play well for an entire game.

Now they’ve secured another win against one the top teams they kept losing to last season. Should have had one against LAL too, but I digress. I’ll be ecstatic if they find a way to take down H-Town and that cheating bearded hag coming up and the freaking Clips.

Circling back to yesterday’s performance, the play of the game in my mind was the defensive stand to end regulation. How often have we seen something like that under the circumstances? Joseph and Holmes played it about as well as could be done. Phenomenal.

Also, shout out to Justin James — who I’ve defended many times since being drafted — for his BBIQ and effort on the final defensive stand of the game. How many times over the years have we seen a KINGS defender get duped and leave a shooter on the backside? JJ didn’t fall for it. Excellent awareness and poise. Loved it.
I just got misty eyed