[Game] Kings @ Spurs, Friday July 31, 5 PM PT

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This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
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This afternoon, Jim Kozimor gathered Kings Fans of various eras together in the studio for an interview. For his first question, he asked, "Including playoffs and summer league, how many Kings games did you watch during the months of April, May, June, and July? Raise your hand if you watched 30 or more games." KingsFan2002 and KingsFan2003 raised their hands. "OK, how many watched 15 or more games?" A large number of KingsFans raised their hands. "OK, how many watched at least two games?" Every remaining KingsFan except for KingsFan2020, who was sitting off to the side oddly smiling, raised their hands. Kozimor said, "OK, how many watched only one game?" KingsFan2020, beaming, raised his hand. "If you only watched one Kings game for four whole months, why are you so happy?" Koz asked. KingsFan2020 responded: "TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT! TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT!"

Cross your fingers for 8 wins and a playoff appearance in August...
Pop becoming my full spirit animal, embracing small-ball with DeRozan likely starting at the 4 tonight. Some of us should get our wish and see a ton of Barnes at the 4 tonight. I'd be pretty shocked if he left Bjelica/Holmes starting for this game.
Jason Jones
Kings going with Fox, Bogdanovic, Barnes, Bjelica and Holmes as the starters ... which would have been the starting lineup in their last game in MarcH.
I just don’t get it. Are we going to post up Beli against a wing? If we fall behind early I’m going to very sarcastic in my next post!
I’d hope Luke is going for winning over consistency. In an 8 game tournament - you’ve got to go with whatever gives us the best chance today.
throwing a lineup together that hasn't played much together in the season isn't a recipe of success. This isn't NBA 2K where you just throw out your best players and put them in the starting line up and hope it works.