Kings sign Eric Mika to exhibit 10 contract

I liked watching him at Calif classic summer league

So hope he will shine in Training camp and will hopefully play in Stockton next year

Maybe he could be our sixth Big next year after Caleb packs his bags for overseas?

Or maybe could move up to a two-way contract , after we move Gabriel to full roster contract?

14 Contracts

2way: Gabriel,Guy

nonguar: Lydon

Exhibit 10: Pineiro, Mika
He has a problem finishing around the basket, game hasn't slowed down for him yet. Either decides on what to do shot wise before he can read defensive pressure or rushes his shot. Fairly common for a big guy.

But besides that he seems like he has the fundamentals down. Sure looked like he enjoyed being on the floor.

Made some really good passes for a big man. A good big man coach could do wonders for him to calm down with scoring opportunity.


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The first time I saw Mika play, my initial thought was hmmm, there's something there, just don't know if it's enough. That was at BYU. My initial opinion hasn't changed. He's an average athlete with decent to good size for his position. He has a decent, but inconsistent post game. With hard work, and if he dedicates himself to his strengths, I can see him eventually being a role player in the NBA. Nothing wrong with that...