Kings sign Eric Mika to a 10-day contract


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Or precursor to a Dedmon Trade? Dedmon Illness cover for trade talks?

one can hope
In all seriousness, the league has kind of discouraged teams to using illness to cover trade talks in past couple of years.
He had a nice game, going up against some formidable opponents. A good guy to have at the end of the bench and easy guy to root for. Seems to have a good understanding of the game as well.
I know I was joking about Sabonis but he does have a similar frame/solid quickness (less skilled off course), he was banging with the big boys like Dwight comfortably and looked as good as anyone not named Holmes at C. Would like to see what he has and if he's a 3rd energy C or if he can carve out a back up role.
So did I read somewhere that Mika was waived? If that happened does he go back to Stockton, back overseas or in limbo until someone else picks him up?

I have no clue how this works if it actually happened.