[Game] Kings @ Nets - Friday, Aug. 7 - 2 PM PT; 5 PM ET

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That timeout shows you the respect teams have for Buddy. They watch the tape Walton says he does after games. They know the only shot the Kings have in sluggish scoring games is Buddy going off.
I loathe this team . I stand by my assertion back then that they should have just hired Christie as the HC. Didn’t care fir Walton in LA and really not caring for him here in Sacramento. I really don’t care if he has any experience, you can tell in listening to him him talk he understands the X’s and O’s, he is well respected, smart, a leader who everyone likes but will not hesitate to call you out and put his foot down.
We've watched a lot of basketball but I have to say, all the way through the Musselmans, Theus', Corbins, and so on, we have never seen a coach trip over his own two feet when it's on the line like this. And that's saying something. Walton has started to not even trust himself here. Joerger threw crap at the wall but at least he thought he knew what he was doing.
It just really sucks to see how easy it is for other teams to run a simple offense. Everything since 2006 has been like pulling teeth for us

We haven’t had an offense I’ve fully been comfortable with since Artest, Bibby and Bonzi wells were here. 14 years ago.
You can't unteach dumb. One win and right back to some of the exact wrong play calls. Here's what we've seen some of in the first half. Len running high post offense. WTF? Back to more motion BS. Joseph running the offense into complete oblivion. Turning down the screen so he can iso.

There is a reason this team needs to assume the identity of the Nash Suns. If these team doesn't get shots off of 1-3 passes you might as well just hand the ball over to the other team. Bogdan started to run more pick and roll late and suprise it worked. Len is a terrific pick and roll big. Putting him in the high post for anything other than a hand off is just plain stupid, yet, there he was time and time again.
What an embarrassment

Harrison Barnes guarding Jarrett Allen Lmao
Getting creamed by a team like BKN. Yeah I’m checked out in tired of the team putting one solid win together giving me a slight bit of hope only to show it’s true ugly face like they’re showing right now. It’s been happening for countless years and I’m fed up with it
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