[Game] Kings @ Nets - Friday, Aug. 7 - 2 PM PT; 5 PM ET

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with Bogdanovic having himself a career night today anybody would like to guess the over/under on 14 points for him for tomorrow's game?
I have no clue how the Nets have fared this season (or most teams for that matter ... the NBA has really become boring for me, made worse by all their gimmicks. There was a time when I watched daily highlights religiously and followed all the happenings) but I'm guessing we're not going to win. Walton was fortunate that Gentry is one of the few coaches in the league actually worse than him.
This starting unit is not going well. No Bogi going nuclear so it comes down to defense and it’s just not a good defensive unit due to Bjelica and Bogi

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What's the deal with the my teams app? All it does is play commercials. Yes I'm logged in om my directv account.
I'm not real happy with the implementation of the streaming. I don't know about your problem here, but every time my stream disconnects (once or twice a game) it plays a commercial when it reconnects. If you're disconnecting a lot, maybe that's the issue?
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