Kings make offer to Iguodala

How about sign Iggy, S&T Tyreke for Vasquez/Lopez

SG: McLemore/Thornton/Jimmer
SF: Iggy/Outlaw

thats without considering trades, use Jimmer, Salmons, Hayes as bait or keep them if necessary.

Of course i'm of the thinking that Tyreke's ceiling is basically a less athletic, better ball handling version of Iggy in a SG's body, so why not have the real thing now in his prime? I know there are a lot of people on this board that see Tyreke's ceiling higher, but his B Ball IQ and Drive is not at the level of guys like Ginobli, Harden, Westbrook(the level guys on this board view his ceiling as).

Lets face it, keeping Tyreke means another year of experimenting at the sacrifice of the rest of the team. With the lineup above, players have conventional roles. Plus this finally gives us that vet that a guy like Cousins (and McLemore) can learn from and reach that next level. Iggy is an Olympic Gold Meddalist and will demand respect and 100% effort/professionalism from the whole team. The goal is to get Cousins to the elite level (he does have that ceiling), Iggy combined with coach Malone and the new front office/ownership could get him there. I know my opinion is not popular on this board, and i would be intrigued if we can sign both, but realistically i don't see it.


It's not exactly his first time in the playoffs, and 29 years old or not we need a vet awfully bad, and he was on the olympic team and has accomplished a lot in his career. He is still young enough to provide 3 good years and teach the youngsters a thing or two. PDA has seen Iggy in person hundreds of times. I believe this is his call and if anyone knows all about Iggy, its him.
I don't remember him doing anything significant in Philly in the playoffs, who cares what he's accomplished he's not worth 56million for 4 years that's just to much, my word he got overrated hard. We could have made better moves but if he does come I will welcome him with open arms since he gives 100% and plays unselfish on both ends of the floor. Hopefully his shooting stroke can return to what it was in the playoffs and not the regular season.
Actually all these protections guarantee you a pick in #31-55 range, so it can be traded, and I believe, that team getting it will know for sure they'll have additional second-rounder next summer. :p
Nope, you can't guarantee where you will be drafting. You can't have multiple protections on a pick.