Kings extend QO to Willie Cauley-Stein

When I heard he was not going to be with us I was devastated, I mean can’t sleep, crying all the time, can’t eat.

Oh who am I kidding I woke up and the sun is shining as bright as our team is. l have a feeling he is one of those guys that has a decent career but never will be the star he thinks he is.

Anyway good luck WCS I wish you well.
I never really felt strongly one way or the other about Willie. It's a little disconcerting that another top ten draft pick walks for nothing.
I'd rather have gotten something for him, but that's my only regret. Welcome, Dewayne!
I would have too but it seems like we acted pretty decisively in FA rather than getting the July 10th leftovers so I'm not worried about it. I also imagine that having him until we were capped out helped in negotiations for his replacement.


Hall of Famer
Hahahaha I'm so happy he didn't get paid. On top of that, I hate the Warriors so much - I'm talking loathe, that I'm actually hoping he does poorly. Truly. Don't even care. I'm pissed. Good luck Willie, not. Screw you. Enjoy your chump change.
Three games into his tenure he complains about being locked out of the offense.
I really hope this was a "damn I didn't have any offers" signing rather than a "I want a ring" minimum signing. Willie never struck us as the type to taker a lesser role and lesser money so I dunno.