Kings extend QO to Willie Cauley-Stein

I had hoped Willie would come back at a reasonable price until his agent laid out the request/demand for us to move on. With the commentary that we were holding him back. At that point I think any criticism of the guy became fair game. He has the talent to get paid what he wants but not the focus. He had three full seasons with the same coach, did we change direction his second year? Of course. But that happens with almost any lottery pick.
Well I'm proud to say that I did not jump on the hate Willie bandwagon - think I've been on it from early last season. The issues I've harped on consistently regarding his attitude (how he sees himself) and value have not been proven wrong yet. We'll see if it changes. Again I will repeat myself, if our perimeter D is so bad that resulted in an otherwise elite defender with great length and athleticism being so darn bad at challenging inside shots, we'd best trade Fox and Buddy and fire the coach. Well .. I guess we've done one of those.