Kings Broadcast Team Tabbed League’s Best. (In case you missed it.)

If you don't mind me asking- how did it bleed into the broadcast? I don't remember him saying anything near that during a game
Funkykingston pretty much answered the question. And for your follow up questions, let me state this, I'm a big Cousins fan, warts and all. Didnt like the trade, etc, etc. Took me awhile to digest it and I'm moving forward as I'm a Kings fan. What is happening now won't change my thoughts on Grant at this point as he and I were not on the same page in regards to Cousins. If you go back and listen to the telecasts, I think you would understand.

Am I ok with the current enthusiasm during recent telecasts? I personally tune Grant out at this point. I just don't have a love for him and Jerry as I do for say Kruk and Kuip with the SF Giants or Gman.
I strongly disagree as well with the idea that people are too thin skinned, or easily influenced by the two difffrent roles Grant plays. Certainly with my children I have to make sure they can differentiate between two separate things, but in my experience with the vast majority of Kings fans, they have the ability to consume their radio show "schtick" as entertainment in one capacity, and the play by play as the other.

So I used to listen to Napear on my drives home. I haven't in years sans a couple of days here and there where some Kings related stuff happened and I was curious to this publics reaction. Most of this is to the fact that I don't like how his show is constructed, but a lot of that also is because podcasts are so much more accessible.

I do however enjoy Grant on the Rome show on the occasion I get to hear it. It's a different format, and he is different. He doesn't have the Kings looming over him. He's doing a National Radio Show.

I do recall years back someone called in after one of his rants where he was particularly rude to a caller and was flat out asked why he does it. I don't know if it was one of those moments of honesty we rarely get from on air personalities but he basically said they have tracked the ratings when he is being nice and cordial and when he is being an ass yelling at people and hanging up on them and the latter has better ratings. Now, it's not my taste at all, obviously not the taste of most my colleagues, but if it helps him and KHTK get paid, then who am I to argue. I just choose not to listen to it.

With all that being said, I do enjoy Grant and Jerry and Grant and Doug on the telecast. I think in the recent years they have gone a little too much to the anti-homerism. Whatever that means. I don't know if it has been a concise decisions, but I would guess it has especially since they are nationally known for being one of the least biased home announcers. I'm not saying that is or isn't true. But Zach Lowe Arnovitz ,and Kevin Pelton have all come out saying that at different times.