[Game] Kings at Pacers, Wednesday May 5th, 5 PM Pacific (8 PM Eastern)


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Marvin growing and growing before our eyes at just turned age 22. What a sight, keep it up young man!
He catches flack but I really don't know what this kid can do above what he's already done. He clearly came in as a potential star pick and roll big and instead they've turned Holmes into one of the, if not THE highest usage pick and roll big in the league. Marvin had to turn himself into an off ball spot PF and he's done it pretty well for someone not expected to be that. And even so he shouldn't be that but people have to give him credit for that. A lot of players would have checked out on that because it's kind of stupid and misuse to some degree. Now if they start ticking that usage back towards his potential it's gravy all the way around.
I do like Wrights game. Things might’ve been different if he was the backup all season. Gets his hands on a lot of balls and is a solid scorer as well
Said it before, will say it again: fully assembled, this team is waaaaay less than the sum of its parts.
No. This team needs the right vision. At its core, you have a scoring PG, a SG with great vision and ability, another that can bomb from three, a SF that can do a lot, a PF that can run and score from my inside the key with ease, and a center that can clean up. All of them on the young side.
The pieces are here.

That doesn't include the draft pick, where we strike gold and get Cade Cunningham.


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Losing all three of his best players to various injuries and quarantines has actually forced Walton to stick to an offense that works.