Keegan Murray

Anyone else suspicious that Kris has been swapping with Keegan for some of these games in which "Keegan" struggled?
Lol, exactly what i said here when he was struggling. Especially in the magic game when Fox hit the game winner and there was a picture of Keegan smiling at center court. I have it on good authority that Keegan cant makes you wonder! lol
The Lakers don't have their pick, right? Who does the pick go to?
So technically the Laker have their 2023 draft pick but the Pelicans have the right to swap picks.

And the reason the Lakers can only trade their 2027 and 2029 FRPs is because (a) the Pelicans own LA's 2024 FRP outright but they can choose instead to give that pick back for the 2025 pick and (b) the Stepien rule prohibits a team from trading FRPs in back to back years.

So the AD trade has really hamstrung them for the time being. And I'm sure at the time of the deal the Lakers never imagined that a LeBron/AD led team would potentially have a top 5 pick.
Haven't looked one ounce into this draft yet, but it sounds like Murray very likely ends up in that mid-FRP range and his skill-set perfectly addresses most of our current team needs. Plus gets the twin boost.

Count me in.
I haven't watched kris murray play yet, but I wonder how different or similar both their games are. He is sure off to a good start though. He is currently averaging 21.7 points 8.3 rebounds while shooting 56% overall and 41% from three through 3 games so far. These numbers are very similar to Keegan Murray. It wouldn't surprise me if his draft stock shoots up just like keegan.
If Keegan got ejected they could go to the lockerroom and swap jerseys. Or vice versa depending on who was having a better night. Could be an effective way to deal with foul trouble as well
I just think it would be an amazing storyline, especially if both players become very good players. I don't think I could remember the last time identical twins played together. I think the last may have been the Morris twins.
I don't think I could remember the last time identical twins played together. I think the last may have been the Morris twins.
Cody and Caleb Martin played for the Hornets for two years, 2019-2021. Only their mother could tell them apart. Unaccountably, Charlotte simply released Caleb, who has since started for the Heat. Of course, they did the same thing with Malik Monk, the same summer.


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I haven’t watched kris play. Does hit fit the bill of being hyper athletic? I feel like that’s what we need in our next sf/pf acquisition. I know this because Kayte let’s me know every time Metu comes in a game that he is really the only one that can dunk lol
We really need Keegan to find his shot again. I've noticed that teams have started to sag on him a bit at the 3pt line.

It feels like he's missing a lot of wide open 3s. Sabonis is going to continue drawing double teams, but we have to make the defenses pay for it.
Keegs had a trainer with a heating pad on his back during a time out. Would liked to have seen TD get some more burn in this one since he prob isn't 100%.