It was not the puke guy's fault, it was the refs who got Walton fired.

By now, I've heard of just about every reasonable and unreasonable reason any fan can offer to explain our recent woe as a team. But one thing that is almost universally agreed is that De'Aaron Fox's production drop this season has to be one of the biggest contributing factors to Walton's firing, which leads me to the headline.

The latest Thinking Basketball video takes a look into the recent referee changes and how it has been affecting the players way more than some Wilson Ball that couldn't be broken in. (Attached)

Fox is among the league's lead guards who had been affected by the recent rule change most significantly, as a matter of fact, Fox was among the highest percentage in scoring in the painted area and this season his rim FG% has dropped by 13%, which essentially forces him into all those not-so-reliable floaters, fadeaways, and outside shots.

I do not have any helpful suggestions here as to how Fox can get back in form. Until he makes the adjustments, it is unlikely he'll have a massive impact like his former, last-season self. I just wanted to point this out in an effort to sway the "Trade Fox" crowd into coming to their senses. (ha!)
The way I see it, is that Walton was never really qualified for the job. He's just not that good of an NBA head coach. I think he's probably a decent assistant coach.

Nobody besides Vlade was knocking down his door....and I also don't believe that any other NBA team will be at this point. That means it wasn't anybody else's fault or for any other reason, including how the game is being called