Is Giles really a future center?

Yeah I think Giles can play center - but is he a starter - well not just yet.
He looked awful to start last year but by the time he was held out at the end of the season he had made some pretty darn good strides.

With all the good things the coaches and his teammates were saying about him I was thinking at the time this could be a very good player for us. I also knew he would take time having not had time to gain playing time both in college and after he was drafted.

Will he get bullied by other centers? Well not everyone matches up well but I expect some very bright things for him this season. Giles has some exceptional moves in the paint and seems to have a confident jumper with that also.

Well he be our starter? No as shown by us actively seeking a center but for a few years he will be a key player on this team with promising upside.