I can be honest - the early season is not going as I expected

I stood in line, was always the low ball with expectations, think Slab had lower one year.

But like a good soldier I drank the kool aid this year.

I'm spitting this out now, no Jonestown.

Tank Town!
Gotta look at the bright side...
3.5 games out of the 8th spot
Ticket prices might start to fall
Our 3 best players didn’t leave in free agency, tear an acl and break a hand (well I guess 2/3 here)
Kings stayed in sac
I saved 15% by switching to geico
Our best 3 players didnt leave in free agency because they weren't free agents...
If anyones looking for something to lift their spirit, check out barstool sports series titled dragon skin. Its about the chinese american football league and a very average american playing defensive end. Hilarious.
I always feel quesy bringing in a new coach.
Walton needs to simplify his schemes and create some enthusiasm real fast.
I loved D Christie's line when asked what the keys to the game are. "Bring it" was all he needed to say.