How will the Kings manage $59M in practical cap space

Of course cricket, but the point is we need to think outside the box. Our home market is not limited to Sacramento/Stockton/Chico. Vivek wants to make a big push to use the Kings to expand the NBA in India. I imagine that is a pitch we could make to Kawhi and New Balance. If you read the AEG stuff regarding the Laker pitch to New Balance, you can see how asymmetric approaches can resonate.

Here’s the bottom line...I love my hometown and I’m not conceding anything to anybody besides the Lakers and Miami. Those two are free agent draws whether they have terrible management like Jeannie Buss or not. But, that’s it. Everyone else is on equal footing—even the NY teams. I’ve been to most NBA cities...they’re all fine, but we have no reason to take a backseat to anybody. Chicago is awesome but the weather sucks. Houston is amazing but the fans are oddly fairweather and mostly waiting for the Texans to be any good. The Warriors are about to divorce their real fans and will be hemorrhaging money as soon as they take a dip in form (i.e. when KD leaves—side note...if Lacob is as smart as he thinks he is he’ll sell the team shortly after next season). And on down the line. We’re talking about the Clippers and Nets landing the big free agents. The Clippers and Nets. They’ve been jokes almost my entire NBA life. But they got aggressive new owners and the narrative changed. We can land a big free agent if the Clippers and Nets can. Sacramento is not as small as most of us remember it being. It’s a shockingly large TV market these days, #20 in the country, and firmly mid-market. Guys like Kawhi and KD should want to play for us, and it’s their loss if they don’t.
All said with purple colored glasses of course! :D :p
What about blowing it all on that Rockets trade with Philly?

Capela $16.9
Gordon $14
Tucker $8.3

Throw in a protected 2020 1st rounder that becomes 2 2nd rounders (2021 and 2022) or something if needed but the sell is Houston gets all the capspace in one shot vs having to find a bunch of teams to trade each player.

Use remaining to resign Barnes.


Yes we won't have a legit backup pg but every other position is covered. Another problem is starting buddy or Gordon but I guess that's a good problem to have.


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Agreed, he’s been mentioned as an “under the radar” free agent so often already he’s likely landed on everyone’s radar by this point.

I’m also doubtful Beverly is attainable at that price as well, especially since the Kings can’t offer a starting role like some of the other teams reportedly interested (Dallas, Phoenix, both LA teams). The Kings would have to offer a big money deal early, while those teams look to their first options (like Russell), and I’m not sure that even works for the Kings logistically, given Barnes’ cap hold and the more pressing need to get a big man.
just came out Beverly is looking for 3 years in the 40 million range so the 12 mil i said is right in the ball park
just came out Beverly is looking for 3 years in the 40 million range so the 12 mil i said is right in the ball park
Fair point, and that’s lower than I expected, but I figure if the Kings are going to beat out teams that can offer a starting gig, they’ll have to overpay some. We’ll see!
Resign Barnes, sign Vucevic, sign Stanley Johnson.


I do not know how much would Johnson cost, but if there is money, than maybe getting some PG like Joseph.

but Johnson would be my target for decent price.. hard working defender, fits age gap, does not require ball, can be used in second unit that lacks a bit defense, but also in first, with Barnes being PF..
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Justin Holiday is expected to have suitors on the open market, including Orlando and Sacramento. If one of those teams offers Holiday a multi-year deal, it would probably beat any offer New York would make.

– via SportsNet New York

So Trade prot 1st for Capela 15m, Resign Barnes 18m, Beverly 15m, Holiday 8m

Buddy, Bogi
Barnes, Holiday
Bagley, Bjelica

Pretty good Bench!

Im not sure we can afford Vuc and Beverly

I Like it
There are several good scenarios out there but that is a realistic good looking team.
Holiday is a bit small 6'6" and 180 some lbs, for a SF but I don't know his success there or if he's better suited at SG. Regardless, passing on a SF like Roby in the draft might have something to do with the Kings liking Waylen or Troy.
just came out Beverly is looking for 3 years in the 40 million range so the 12 mil i said is right in the ball park
Perfectly fine going 3/50 if we can keep it at 3 years.

Bev is gonna look for the money first. He was vastly underpaid his last deal, he'll want to cash in on the rest of his prime.


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I'm chomping at the bit waiting for Sunday at 3 pm. If the Kings haven't snagged their big FAs by Monday morning I'm going to be sorely disappointed. They've got to give their priority FAs only a few hours to make up their minds before they go onto to their 2nd or 3rd options. Otherwise, players' agents will string them along until the Leonard and KD suitors have some certainty and their cash is freed up. Go fast, and go strong, Kings!
So if we let go of Mason, we can sign Barnes to 20MM 1st year, Horford 30MM 1st year, Beverly 13MM 1st year. Decline Barnes and Horford. Partially guarantee the 4th year on Horford and sign Brewer to a vet minimum contract and stay under the cap and still have the room exception.

Probably sign a veteran wing with that $. Gives us 13 active players. Fill out the roster with some of the 2nd rounders/2ways etc.
Marc Stein @TheSteinLine
The Orlando Magic are preparing a four-year offer believed to be in excess of $90 million to their All-Star center Nikola Vucevic in hopes of completing a deal shortly after Sunday's opening bell in free agency, league sources say
I would be more than comfortable paying Vučević 4 year $100m-115m deal keeping in mind you have to overpay to get players here.

Still leaves enough money for someone like Joseph or Beverly as a back up PG.
I would be more than comfortable paying Vučević 4 year $100m-115m deal keeping in mind you have to overpay to get players here.

Still leaves enough money for someone like Joseph or Beverly as a back up PG.

That's my feeling. If you landed him for that you still have money to play with. That makes an overpay much easier to swallow with where the Kings are trying to get to.
If we are talking Dedmon and Kanter then Horford is in Dallas or New Orleans. Our worst case is:
Kawhi and Butler in LA Clippers
Horford in New Orleans
Bogdanovic in Utah
Harris in Dallas
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If 20 ppg for a sg gets you a max contract it doesn’t seem realistic just yet
Now if Buddy leaps to 25 ppg plus and stops making a dumb play as often or let himself get trapped in crunch time as much then we can talk maximize his worth.
Murray is a better player than Buddy and significantly younger. I don't expect Buddy to take a discount but he's also not a Max player unless he takes another step forward next season.
Agreed. I still don’t think he’ll get the max, but used to think he’d be around $20M per. That would seem to be a false hope in this market.