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The Game Thread Dude
Should be 3 bkn picks & 3 swaps
2022 Bucks first

So 4 picks most likely, all in the 20's

Not really that impressive of a return. But I'm not sure what you could do about it as the Rockets.
Harden and Durant are reaching the ends of their primes and KD’s coming off an Achilles injury. Some of those later year picks could be really really high.
haha almost forgot about the 2 first round pick swaps Vlade sent..... he's the worst GM in history, nothing can change that.

But back to this haul, this is incredible for both sides imo. It's a great haul for the Rockets who will probably blow it up and rebuild? Picks are very valuable in this league. I think the Simmons deal would've been better, but maybe Philly wasn't willing to give that up? If the Nets can win a ring in the next 3 years, it'll be worth it. NBA championships are extremely hard to come by. If you can get a top 5 player, you go and get him. I think they should trade Kyrie.. he's a huge distraction. Harden-KD are already good enough.