[Grades] Grades v. Lakers 2/14/2017

So you have to be THE single team to get the superstar this draft (obviously some drafts you get 2 or 3, some none at all). Its a hell of a crapshoot. Once you find one, you better hang on.
Just to point out a good example for such richer drafts, check out class 2009 (That landed us good assets, in Reke & Omri):
That class had 4 superstars in Steph Curry, James Harden, Blake Griffin and Demar Derozan...

....And also an astounding number of some of the league's leading PGs, like our own Collison, Lawson & Temple (All 3!), and like Rubio, Teague, Holliday, Jennings, Beverly & Mills.
...Plus the 4 arguably top PGs in Europe, in Teodosic, Nando de Colo, Calathes and Llull.

All of them in the same one draft!! o_O
A couple of years ago Peaches was screaming about trading Boogie for Russel and maybe Randle, and L.A. fans were all no no, that's giving up too much.

Wonder how they would feel now?
That was always my biggest problem with that situation:

It's one thing to discount other team's stars, but to simultaneously value your own players that high, when they hadn't accomplished anything in the NBA, was just a classic example of Laker-fan arrogance and entitlement.