Glad we are winning but this team is going to be rock bottom of the West next year

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Watching all the teams making moves makes me thing that we have once again going down the road of mediocrity, or even worse.

Warriors: will have Klay and Curry back
T-wolves: Rosas of the pull off a great overhaul in the trade deadline that is better than all of Vlade's tenure
Suns: Booker is a star and Ayton will be great. Yeah we have a Sam Bowie in Bagley
Grizzles, Pelicans, Thunder: Better and more young player, the amount of asset they got make us like a beggar
Spurs is tricky but they have Popovic

And we Kings don't have a curreny all star, no future all star and no asset. It is amazing we only have Fox who we drafted can be in our starting lineup. We have failed to net a single extra first round pick in the rebuilding process, instead we use the cap space to sign a bunch of useless old hags.

Call me pessimistic but just trying to be real here, unless we fire Vlade we have not future, he is a legend but we have given him enough time
Yeah Im hoping this is not the typical Kings run where now the pressure is off in terms of winning games and the team plays well but it's to late. In saying that we saw how quick we turned it around last year prior to trading for Barnes and also we have seen the OKC Thunder/Memphis and to a lesser degree Pelicans turn it around real quick as well.

Basketball since it's so few players is much easier to turn around a couple good chemistry players, decent pick/trades and your back in the mix in no time if you do things the right way.
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