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I think they need to look for under the radar targets. I wanted Miles Bridges last year but lol good luck with that now. Guys like Covington or Gallinari I feel if those teams continue their respective slides.

Or draft one. I'm kinda eating crow on Mitchell now, but please for the love of god, get a forward.
Covington would help sooooo many of our offball/backside defensive lapses.
I feel sorry for the dude since Portland is asking him to be their main defensive stopper, which is something he definitely isn't.
Both Bridges are valuable archetypes in today's NBA. One's an extremely valuable core role player and the other looks like a borderline all-star. I would've traded Bagley for either of them after his second year and been pleased with myself. I would've also traded Bagley and #12 in 2020 for #2 which was derided here, but I digress.
Absolutely. I stated back then that I would have even traded Bagley for Eric Paschal, who isn't nearly as valuable as the Bridges. Again, that's where we were/are
Of course….but at this point certainly seems like as viable of an option as putting Metu out there.
Out of the 3, King is the only one with any upside so that probably wins out at this point haha. I like Metu, but Metu has been around. Harkless has been around. Reclamation projects are for contenders, not for teams trying to jump out of a burning dumpster.
If Walton didn't have a couple more years left on his contract I'm not sure he would still be the head coach. He wasn't McNair's hire, and despite what McNair has stated about the two of them having a good relationship, I think it has more to do with Vivek not wanting to pay yet another coach for doing nothing. Can't say I blame him, but then a lot of it has to do with him in the first place. In my opinion there's enough talent on this team to make the playoffs, although some of it doesn't quite fit properly.

I could nit pic Walton to death, but I won't waste your time with it. I think we all know basketball well enough to see his mistakes. We have a potential all star in Fox, and yet, the offense seems to fall apart if Haliburton isn't on the floor. But when Haliburton is on the floor, Fox seems to struggle finding his game. Not saying that can't be worked out, but how often do we see the two of them intentionally run plays for each other. Walton doesn't appear to have an answer, other than, it will work itself out. Really?

Harkless is a very good defender, but you can't have a SF scoring 0 to 2 points a night on a contending team. He should be coming off the bench period! I would have had Barnes and Metu in the starting lineup from the get go. I think Metu proved he's capable last season. I would cut Woodard and move King up to the parent club on a guaranteed salary. King is an NBA player and anyone who watched him play in summer league or recently in the G-League knows that.

I think playing a small lineup in certain situations can give you an advantage, but to make it a regular part of your rotation plans can make you easier to defend when game planning. We've gotten killed on the boards far too often while playing small, and too many teams have figured out how get mismatches against us. In short, were too predictable at times. As you can see most of my criticism is leaning toward Walton, who I think is probably too comfortable knowing that even if he's fired, he's walking away with two more years worth of salary. I hope I'm wrong about that.

I don't think there's any doubt that if Walton is fired the Kings will appoint someone currently on the staff to take over. That always puts the GM in a tricky situation. If your the GM this is your chance to hand pick the person you want for the job. But what if you appoint someone from within temporarily, and he turns the team around and makes the playoff's? Are you as the GM OK with that. Are you willing to give that person a 2 or 3 year contract based solely on what's left of the current season? Like I said, it's always a tricky situation..

On the whole, I think McNair has done a good job. You can't blame him for the Lakers pulling out of a trade that everyone in the entire league thought was going to happen, including the players involved. What's ironic is that that Lakers decided to go for headlines over efficiency…… But that's not McNair's fault.

I think Bagley for Bey would have been a terrific trade if true, but I don't blame the Pistons for turning that down. I would have turned it down as well. If nothing else, McNair found out Bagley's value. I think hopefully the most McNair will get for Bagley is a low first round draft pick, but even that's difficult because of Bagley's 11 mil salary.
Yeah you can. When other people in the league were saying the Lakers were using McNair as a patsy to drive up value… and it turned out to be true… you can blame McNair. McNair is the guy playing poker who looks around the table and can’t figure who the mark is because it’s him. He has proven that point multiple times.

Bagley is just another example of a guy who McNair can’t accurately access a players worth, asks ridiculous amounts and gets nothing for him in the end.
I can't think of any reason that Tristan Thompson is playing more than Len, if winning is really the goal. Maybe they want to try to include Thompson in a trade?
Hell no! We need to keep this guy. I was iffy when we first announced the trade but this guy calls it like it is and is that locker room presence we needed ever since we traded shump. Hell if Len deserves his minutes on the court, fire Walton and make him coach.


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Why is Luke still the coach of this team? It's now 5:25 PM PST. Almost 24 hours after another horrible performance/loss.
See, when Vivek bought the team, he and the Maloofs made a bet - the Maloofs said there was no way that Vivek could keep the team out of the playoffs for 10 straight years, and Vivek is trying to collect. He's only two seasons away from collecting that dollar.
King hasn't even proven he's better than Harkless. I'd be for the the idea as they're not just lacking in a starting F, but outright forward depth, but we need an actual solution.
He hasn't proven he's not either. Give him a try. I'm glad Metu is getting his shot and I hope he continues. Given the alternatives, IMO King has earned one too.
Bad loss last night. I see no leadership or team chemistry during crunch time. Defense was putrid! At this point, i think nobody is untouchable. Everyone on the team should be held accountable...meaning a trade and/or firing may be needed to get this team heading in a better direction. TT is 100% right, even though he himself needs to play better as well. What a mess!
Hell no! We need to keep this guy. I was iffy when we first announced the trade but this guy calls it like it is and is that locker room presence we needed ever since we traded shump. Hell if Len deserves his minutes on the court, fire Walton and make him coach.

I'd like to see Len get regular minutes, including at Thompson's expense, but anyone who thinks Thompson's value is only in the lockerroom and occasional bits of truth telling is selling him short. 5.7 boards in 14 minutes - 15 per 36 - is damn nice, especially for a team as starved for boards as the Kings. Offers some toughness, some good screens, and he's active and vocal - this on a team that tends to fall silent when things go wrong.

Len - who, again, I prefer - is offering much more rim protection and, intriguingly, the possibility of floor spacing. But, at least so far, much less on the boards (8.5 boards per 36).
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