Fire Walton

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We will now secure an emotional win in a close game that comes down to the final possession in front a roaring hometown crowd, inspiring the players. You wouldn't fire Walton after that, would you? Would you?!
I am actually shocked Luke Walton is still the coach right now. I was basically so positive he would be gone after last night

What's going on ? Is Monte struggling to decide between Gentry and Jackson ?
I get Luke sucks but does anyone think a good coach is really going to want to take on a team with the following roster?

Centers: Holmes, Thompson, Len, Jones, Queeta (2-way), plus Bagley (should be a center) and Metu (should be a center)

Forwards: Holmes, Harkless, King (2-Way), Woodard

Guards: Fox, Haliburton, Mitchell, Davis, Hield, Ramsey

Other than Hield and Hali, your guards can’t shoot and you added more guards and centers in the off season. This roster is a complete cluster as every good GM candidate didn’t tell Vivek what he wanted to hear and pulled out.

No decent coach is joining this crap show.
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