Fire Walton

Trae is back and Bogi will probably revert to his inefficient, low IQ, chucker play-style, which for whatever reason seems to be the default when he’s not “the guy”. (Yes I know he’s just had a great game with Trae in the lineup, but just wait!)

He sucked here. Some of that was coaching. Some of that was Vlade’s horrible approach to building a roster with the SG logjam. But Bogi would come in every season worn out and banged up. Then he’d go out there and pound the ball, jack up dumb shots and play lazy lazy defense.

It’s no fun losing talent for nothing, but Bogi was a bad fit with Fox anyways. I’m rolling with Swipa over dollar store Luka.
That would be true of any stat. But at this point the only people not thinking letting Bogi go for nothing was not a mistake are on this board.
In what universe? No one mentions him or cares. The only time he's been brought up is over his recent Buddy-esque tendency to thirst over Twitter thots and that's the only time he's been mentioned in months.

No one actually cares, man.
i don't know who is kidding themselves, but the kings are about 10-1 to make the top ten in the west.

with 15 games left (starting with two at home vs. minnesota and all three still to be played with the okc tankers), still, the kings are 11 games under .500 (with 15 to play) and sitting in 9th/10th are the spurs and warriors, both at .500 (28-28 and 29-29), neither of who are likely to collapse.

the kings are NOT going to make up 11 games (to get to .500) with 15 left.

assuming the kings went 10-5 (winning all 5 v. Minn/OKC and splitting the other 10) to get to 33-39 either the warriors or spurs would have to go 5-10 (or 4-11) for the kings to sneak in.

neither of those is going to happen - the kings are effectively eliminated.

as such, if walton is not ORDERED to tank, then this team is not maximizing it's opportunities and walton should not be brought back.

but i think they will bring him back anyway - clueless.

kings are 3 games up on okc with three to play against them. these two with minnesota will show whether or not the kings see reality. i hope the kings lose them both, then tank against okc and move below them.

meanwhile, kings "welcome fans back" tonight.

they had better paper the house, because i don't know WHO is going to pay to watch a sinking ship with a rudderless captain at the helm.

it's just old luke and luke's waitin' for the judgement day.

and WHY are the kings making fox look like he is 40 years old?



Hall of Famer
Kings did us proud tonight. 14 to go. I can't believe I couldn't find a single former Sacramento King that wore the jersey number 14 so this is the best I can find.

Kings coach Luke Walton said De'Aaron Fox tweaked his ankle vs. Dallas and was held to 28 minutes tonight as result with a game tomorrow too.

Uh... What?
Walton is playing him on a bad ankle.
This f'n guy is messing with our future.
I had some small hopes of mimicking what he was involved with at GS, but that's not materialize.
He should have been fired last year. Let him finish the season (It's a lost cause anyway) and then let him go.
Vivek has finally run the franchise all the way into the ground. After a year of no NBA, he cannot sell tickets to the newly reopened arena. My God the evaporation of fanbase enthusiasm is palpable and very sad. Vivek needs a long look in the mirror - he has done this.
I am curious about what you wrote here. The first game allowed only 1500 fans. I am interpreting what you wrote as they haven't been able to sell that many. I have wondered aloud how the time away from the games and the product offered would affect the fans attendance. But if they couldn't sell out with that few seats available I would be utterly shocked.
I don't know what the Kings are doing but the Timbers have 25% capacity at matches right now and have implemented some type of dynamic seat pricing in making seats available to STHs. They sell out in minutes and are commanding big prices on Seat Geek. I'm guessing at 1500 fans the Kings market is even hotter even as bad as they are.
I think Walton thinks owners only look at a coach's W-L record. No other reason why he would have Barnes, Buddy and Fox almost hitting 40 minutes a piece in a pointless game against the Timberwolves when the Kings greatly need to increase their lottery odds.

If I was an owner I'd be thinking this guy is dumb as rocks. Puts his franchise player and his best veteran in danger of getting injured to win meaningless games that only hurt the team's lottery odds.