Farewell DeMarcus Cousins

I feel horrible that we wasted so many years of Boogie's career but at the same time, this trade is good for Boogie in the sense that he can finally win and can start fresh in New Orleans.

I didn't even wanna trade Boogie but this return was horrible. :(
Thanks for everything Boogie, especially your loyalty! In addition to being completely insane from a basketball perspective, this trade is dishonorable and disgusting in light of Vlade's earlier promises. You deserve the opportunity to build your legacy in a better place.
Vivek's ambition to land the next Klay Thompson has really messed up Boogie's career. Drafted Ben, drafted Stauskas and now jizzed for Buddy Hield while officially sending off Boogie for remains of Reke and a mid round pick.
This is the last straw for me. Vivek is an idiot that should never own a basketball franchise period.
When I can say, the Maloofs are better than Vivek. That says a lot.
This forum crashed for several hours when the trade went down. Still trying to process it but I'm happy for Cuz going to Nola and getting out of this dumpster fire. That's going to be an interesting team with the new twin towers and hopefully Jrue can stay healthy.
Boogie loved the area and many charities will miss him as well. There could be nothing going on that Boogie wouldn't offer a hand. From helping children, Christmas, feeding the animals at the shelter.
The whole community will miss the man, as well as the player.
The Kings will never change.
Cousins created a new set of boundaries of what really large humans can do on a basketball court. Great hands, good shooting touch. lateral quickness, ball handling ability and great passing all in one package. He was the first point power forward I have ever seen play the sport. I will miss all of those abilities in one player. Best of luck with your demons. Sometimes a fresh star with a different team really helps players. Maybe AD can be the team leader and set you free. Best of luck to DMC.


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I hope you find success wherever you may end up long term, whether in New Orleans or another team. I'd like to see you in the playoffs where the competition gets kicked up a notch.
I hope you somehow wind up in Boston or Portland and I can be semi-whole again.

You've been my favorite player and the bright spot for this dismal franchise for most of the last decade. I was so excited to see you play in the Golden 1 Center, I'm still enamored with the arena but I won't be scheduling a trip down to visit any time soon. Perhaps when you return with a new team.

Thank you DMC.
Curse you FO.
It would be very interesting to watch Cousins in a playoff of championship game. Some teams would try to bait him into cheap fouls and getting ejected. He freaks out occasionally in games that mean nothing. With AD he has a chance to learn to control himself better and become an adult. The two of them together are going to be a lot of fun to watch.