Draymond being Draymond, 2023-24

Something tells me he finally crossed a line. I know Silver is known to be a "player's commissioner" but I also think he really cares about the image of the league. You simply CANNOT have this type of behavior in the league Silver wants to create. There have been many warnings, and something tells me Silver is kinda done here.

He's not a stranger to long suspensions: See one Ja Morant.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's gone for the rest of the year. In fact I think there's an outside chance is gone permanently. Better practice your Chinese draydray.
Maybe. I would not be surprised to see Green back on the court before the playoffs (unless the Warriors continue to struggle to make the play in). But the most likely scenario I see is the Silver Puff us his chest, The Warriors play for a high lotto, and then Green has to apply to be reinstated for next season. I just pray his shenanigans don't result in the Warriors pulling a top 3 pick.
*I just saw Wojo's snippet- so I guess indefinitely just means until Green feels ready to come back.
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"Take the time he needs to deal with the challenges he's facing."

Why do they always need to make him sound like a victim?

The dude is a criminal. Draymond needs help? No, the rest of the league needs help from leadership to get him out, that's who needs help. The victims of his violence need help you absolute morons.
So is the NBA letting Draymond decide how long his suspension will be, based on how long it takes him to “figure it out?”

If so, that’s a crock of **** and I completely disagree. Give him the time he needs yes, but when he’s ready to come back, then suspend him. Just because he’s emotionally unstable and unable to play now should not account for his actual punishment. There needs to be a punishment. Green can go on and on about how he needs help now and “heat of the moment”, but there are plenty of podcasts that he’s created where he defends himself even after having time to dwell on it. The guy is deranged and is endangering others. Get help, and when you come back, you will serve your punishment. That’s what should happen.


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So is the NBA letting Draymond decide how long his suspension will be, based on how long it takes him to “figure it out?”
I don't know that this is the case. I think it is more of a "let's figure out and go through a process and see what it ends up being" type of situation. I don't think they know exactly what that process will be yet. I do wish they would put a minimum limit on it up front though.

I agree that he doesn't think he did anything wrong (in the various infractions) and that is a HUGE issue. I don't think he should be playing again this year, at a minimum, given his actions. I don't think the previous punishments were severe enough to begin with, either.
Draymonds not dumb. If he gets so excited in games he can't control himself he shouldn't be in the league. Thats called out if control.

Maybe someone should have done something at the first nut shot. Or, you know, raised him right in the first place.