Doug Christie on E!

Just to let ya guys now.... if anyone doesn't know.. on E! There's a True Hollywood Story about sports stars' lives.. and Doug Christie, Kobe, and many other NBA stars are on it. :)
WHEN??? Cause I always miss stuff..please tell me I didn't miss this too. And if you guys didn't already know Doug and Jackie are going to be on the TYRA show tomorrow (Wed Nov 8th)
It was on Sunday night.. it just premiered.. but I'm sure they'll repeat it.. just look on your TV Guide for True Hollywood Story. :)

And thanks for the notice !! I will be sure watching!
Aw ok hope they reshow it. Thank you for the info. I'm so mad I had taped Doug on Tyra and the next day my mom accidentally recorded over it!! :mad: It repeats on Oxygen Network tho so hopefully I'll catch it again