De’Aaron Martez Fox

I have a question. Why the hell didnt he dunk that ball on Ball instead of finger rolling it on that last play? That would have been the exclamation mark and gave Ball flashbacks from ucla/kentucky days. At least this will remind Ball why he needs to look up more fake injuries he can use to dodge Fox in future games.
It was great to see him take over the game like that!

Especially after that Miami game sh*** in the last few minutes, but it is obvious as a team leader and guy who wants to lead them to wins - it will happen in some games, so I ain't mad. It's a learning curve.

Future looking bright for this young man.
I mean, it was nice and all, but that was TOTALLY a carrying violation.
And a travel.

But, hey, they don’t call traveling or carrying hardly anymore so IDC. ;)

In all seriousness, I’m so sick of seeing Jokic, Bearded Hag, LBJ, Etc. get away with it so often that it was nice to see our star player get away with it too.
I was critical of Fox early in the season, because that outside shot wasn't falling and no signs it ever would. He is playing so well now I have no doubt he can earn that contract he signed.

Now the Kings need to find/develop that other star to play next to him.