Cousins to Lakers

If I were going to remove any comments, I would have already done so.

So the mother bears no responsibility for goading DMC into saying something incredibly stupid that could cost him the rest of his career? It's offensive to call her out on it? Sorry, but as a female, I find it offensive that another female would use that tactic. Is DMC blameless? Oh hell no, but to act as though his baby momma is the innocent victim is IMHO just as offensive.

But hey, I knew this was going to happen. It always does. What Boogie did was unconscionable but he is not the only one who acted badly.

Bad acts are bad acts, regardless of who did them. This is beyond disgusting to me all the way around. No one is perfect and we all have said things that would not look good if taken out of context and leaked to the media for possibly nefarious reasons. I'm very grateful my ex-spouse never recorded some of our conversations. We live in a different time. Anything anyone says can be recorded and used for any variety of reasons. IMHO to make a judgment about this isn't fair to anyone involved. The real victim in all this is the little boy. But hey, no problem. Daddy's child support will solve everything, right?

I've broken a lot of my own rules here so I'll stop. I'm getting old, I guess. I truly long for the times when we didn't know every single thing about every athlete, every actor, every politician, etc. They're all human with fallacies but that seems too often to get lost in the shuffle.
Oh I'm not saying she is not at fault here. There are bad things being done by both parties.

All I'm saying, is as a professional athlete with too much to lose, DeMarcus should have been smarter. I defended him while he was a King. I figured he was young and immature and would grow out of it. I loved what he did on the court and off it. I used that as my Rose glasses to overlook the warning signs.

Both women and men get away with things in our society. But it was overlooked in the past and as of today, right now, you cant do what he did. Everybody has a cell phone waiting to record a video or a conversation. He was just. Not. Smart.

That's what annoys me most about this whole thing. I listen to sports 1140 and there are ads all the time telling fathers to just shut up, stay off social media, contact a lawyer. I'm not rich and yet I would heed that advice. Dude has loot. If he had half a freaking brain he would have sprung this on her with his lawyer on the line. The wedding had been planned for WEEKS. Cuz should have had the seed of his son joining him for the day already planted (I hope of course, but considering the source...). If the mom was giving him pushback all he had to do was contact his very high paid legal team and do it the only way it should have been done.

Look, we arent talking about 2 regular Dick and Mary's. HE IS A HIGH PROFILE ATHLETE!!! He should expect this and act accordingly.

Whatever you said to your husband during problematic times would only have been uses against you in a custody battle. He had too much at stake.

I wonder about his mindset after suffering this 3rd major injury to his career in a short span. If there were any nails ready to be punched in his coffin it wouldnt even take a squint to see one driven in it this week.

And I LOVED Big Cuz. He was supposed to lead us to the promised land. Bricklayer promised that. I'm just so hurt he didnt learn squat since leaving Sac...
I only have one final thought and I mentioned it above. The real victim here is the little boy. No child should be used as a pawn in their parent's relationship battles and it's pretty obvious that's happened.
You are correct. That old saying, two wrongs don't make a right sometimes goes deeper, there is no right just wrong.