Black Friday Specials - Not Biting

The two games I've been to haven't been that great. I looked and had the same thought - wait and see. Can't imagine season ticket holders are feeling great seeing tickets discounted for so cheap already. I've been getting emails this season for 50% off tickets since the game after the season opener. Crazy
yeah the way they have the user interface is really suspicious. it would be a simple matter for them to use the ticketmaster map but they didn't. why? to sell the worst seats in the section at a discount maybe
Yea I noticed that too.. just everything about this season and the last couple makes me not want to support the team financially anymore until there is a quality product. I'm flying back to CA in Dec and I refuse to give Vivek my money. Instead I'll be paying more per ticket at the Chase Center to watch the Warriors play the Kings. That's right, I'm paying more money in an opposing arena to watch the Kings... i don't know if that makes sense, but I still want to watch a Kings game. The lack of professional sports teams in Hawaii kind of sucks..
So I went ahead and did it anyway as some friends want to go. They added $15 per ticket as a fee. 13.6% and you don’t get an email with your seats until the day before the game…. So basically they will fill up the section and shove you in whatever doesn’t sell. Such a F’ing scam. Might go and root against them at the game