Big (Man) Love, 2019-20 season

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8/15 Big Man update:

Honorable Mention:
Jonas Valanciunas: 22/17/6/0/0 versus Trail Blazers
BMOtN) Jusuf Nurkic: 22/21/6/2/2 versus Grizzlies

Ahhhh... Now, that's more like it.

Mr. S£im Citrus

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End of month update:

Big Man of the Month for August is Jusuf Nurkic. For the first time since I started doing this, the lead for BMOtN was tied between two Honorable Mentions, Nurkic and Jarrett Allen. However, though they each received the same number of BMOtN awards for August, Nurkic won the tiebreaker by virtue of more total Honorable Mention appearances.

Big Man of the Month, season-to-date:
October: Karl-Anthony Towns
November: Joel Embiid
December: Nikola Jokic
January: Hassan Whiteside
February: Anthony Davis
March/July: Anthony Davis
August: Jusuf Nurkic

And, the Big Man of the Year, with a whopping two Big Man of the Month awards, is

Big Man Of the Year, historical:
2018: Joel Embiid
2019: Nikola Jokic
2020: Anthony Davis