Anyone ever play a 6 player version of baseball/whiffle ball?

I lived in the country so we were always limited on people we could play with so we would always play a 6 person version of whiffle ball or we would use a tennis ball and move the home run fence back to 125ft or there about. Check out the image on how we would set the game up.. It was really fun to play and I wonder if anyone ever did the same thing we did here.



Yes but with a whiffle ball.
I played baseball once on the Navajo Res with some natives. We used stale marshmallows and a stick. If you made good connection the thing would go 50 yards.
There was a whiffleball league around for awhile that did this. Those picthers can make a whiffleball move all over the place.

I cant recall out rules but we never had enough for baseball we did something like this..

Usually ended up playing a weird version if 21 we called tip it, or horse, or 1 on 2


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we used to play 4 on 4 or 5 on 5 in college, used the full bases. I think it was mostly just a way out intramural softball team could hang out and play together on an afternoon after class in the spring.