Andre Drummond commits to UCONN:


Hall of Famer
Andre Drummond, who had previously said he was going to prep school this year, and then, either commiting to the draft of 2013, or going to college for a year. His entire situation gets a bit confusing, but since he was set back a year, and his original highschool class graduated this past june, he was eligible for the draft of 2012. All he needed was a waver from the league.

But yesterday he unexpectantly decided to skip prep school and commit to UCONN. Not sure how he qualifies accademicly, but I have to assume he met all the requirments. This of course has huge implications, not only on the next draft, but in the college rankings. Lest we forget, UCONN is the current national champion. But with the loss of Kemba Walker, no one expected a repeat this coming season. That could all change with the addition of Drummond. There is no denying his talent. He's a one of kind big man. And if he continues to improve, and remains healthy, has the ability to be an impact player not only in college, but in the NBA as well.

Drummond is a 6'10"/6'11" center/PF that weighs 280 pounds, and is capable of doing things that big men just aren't supossed to do. Here's a nice video of him.