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Niners!! On to Seattle and the game EVERYONE wants to see!
I won't lie and say that I wouldn't have preferred a final game in Candlestick against the Saints to the deafening road scrum we're going to get in Seattle, but at least this way you can't say the NFC winner didn't earn their trip to the Superbowl. This thing is going to be a dog fight.


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Niners fan that I am, I think Seattle is the favorite. But hopefully they can give them a heck of a game and pull out one more win to get back to the Super Bowl again.

This move, however, is pretty petty and chicken**** in my opinion:

(F)ans wanting to cheer on the Niners in the January 19th NFC Championship
Game in Seattle will not be able to buy tickets through the Seahawks, as the team is restricting sales to only zip codes in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, and parts of Canada.

Tickets go on sale Monday, and California residents can still purchase tickets through the secondary ticket market like NFL Ticket Exchange, Stub Hub and others, or with a friend who has a credit card billed to an address in the Pacific Northwest.


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It's a shame they think some smarmy trick like that will stop Northern Californians. Guess they didn't learn their lesson... ;)


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Point spreads mean less than nothing in a game like this IMHO. I think it's gonna be about which team wants it more...and I, of course, think the Niners have the better motivation.
If anyone needs an Oregonian to purchase a ticket for them ... lol

I'm sure I have relayed my Seahawks experience here. I went to the Clink on successive weekends to see the Timbers and Patriots play. I brought my son to his first NFL game that second weekend. Since I was there the week before and found the crowd volume to be negligible compared to an average Timbers home game, I foolishly left my boy's ear protection in Portland.

Needless to say the following week I was shocked at the volume. It was clearly being mic'd and pumped back through the stadium. Also I was in the non-alcoholic family section and yet people were purchasing drinks, chugging them in the aisles and returning to their seats. I heard Tom Brady called a gay slur about 1000x, shocking for what is supposed to be a progressive city. You say that in the stands in Portland and you will be escorted out of the stadium.

I never liked the 9ers growing up but I'll be rooting for you again this weekend. Pats and 9ers Superbowl would be fantastic.