2014 Draft Prospects:

McDermott sounds like he might make a lot of sense on the Pelicans (Davis/McDermott as poor man's KG and Wally). Maybe there's something to that #8 for Holiday rumor after all ;)
McDermott's advantages over Jimmer in that scenario are that (1) he's better at moving/attacking without the ball (2) he's a better ball handler for his position and (3) he's got a really nice post game. In fact McDermott began his college career as a strictly post player. I see him having a very Wally Szczerbiak like career. Hopefully without the injury issues.

But Stauskas can impact the game in more ways. Passing, ball handling, better outside shooter (McBuckets is a better scorer overall I think) and less of a defensive liability. I like Stauskas. Wouldn't be thrilled if the Kings took him because I don't think he's a game changer but I like him. I'd be upset if the Kings drafted McDermott.
if we take another mcrookie i'm going to scream
McDermott sounds like he might make a lot of sense on the Pelicans (Davis/McDermott as poor man's KG and Wally). Maybe there's something to that #8 for Holiday rumor after all ;)
That's not a team I thought about but yeah, that could definitely be a good fit. He and Anderson (and Gordon if he isn't moved) provide the outside shooting opening up space for Davis, Holiday and Evans and having Davis as a paint protector allows them to have a team defense that helps hide McDermott's shortcomings on defense.

As I mentioned in another thread, lots of mocks showing McDermott to the Hornets and I think he'd be a disaster there as he'd have to carry too much of the scoring load when he should be a third option on a good team.
My top 4:

1. Embiid (either through trade up or if he slips, which won't happen).
2. Smart
3. Randle/Peyton

I want absolutely no part of McDermott. He's the one pick that would drive me crazy.
My top 4:

Gordon - stuck with him all along
Smart - close 2nd
Randle - too much value too pass up
Vonleh - I think he's the guy out of the "top 8" that falls to 8th.
I wouldn't mind taking a flyer on Birch in the 2nd round. Then again there are a number of guys I like in the second if the Kings deal for a pick. If they are sure IT is moving on Deonte Burton is a guy I like as a change of pace guard. And I also like Dinwiddie and especially KJ McDaniels who is probably gone in the 20's now but would be a steal in the 2nd as a future 3&D role player on the wing.

Glenn Robinson III and Patric Young could be nice role-players to nab in the 2nd round as well.
Well its all over, so anything I say is moot point now, but I really like Dinwiddie and K. J. McDaniels. Dinwiddie would be a first round pick if he hadn't gotten injured and missed most of the season. terrific shooter and very similar to Stauskas on the offensive side of the ball. Dinwiddie is very capable of playing the point as well. McDaniels is an outstanding defender, and although he played SF, he was a very good shotblocker. I think he has the potential to be a lock down defender in the NBA. His offensive game needs some work, but he has great potential. I like Birch, but I'm not as high on him as Iám the other two.
Well the day has finally arrived, and judging on what's happened so far, it appears that we're in for an exciting day. Hopefully its more bang than fizzle. I'm sticking with my four guys being one of the players we draft, if, we don't trade the pick, or if, someone totally unexpected moves down. My four guys being, Gordon, Payton, McDermott, and Stauskas. If all four are there, then I think the Kings will select Gordon. If he's gone, then I think their choice will be Payton or Stauskas. I have no problem with either of those choices. I know some would say move down and still grab either of those players. Well, Stauskas has been rumored to go as high as number 5 to Utah. Probably just a smoke screen, but you never know. Payton has been rumored to go as high as number 7 to the Lakers. Once again you just don't know, but if you really like one of those players, do you really want to gamble with a bird in hand?

I don't think the Kings have any interest in Smart, which means they'll probably draft him. I know I've spent a lot of time throwing rocks at Smart. To the extent that I'm sure some think I hate him. Not true! I just don't see him as the best fit for the Kings. First of all, he's not a pass first PG, something that some of you profess to want, and yet want Smart. He averaged more shots per game than anyone else on his team. Over 40% of those shots were three point shots, while shooting under 30% from the three. He had never played PG in his life until his freshman year at Oklahoma St. So in truth he's a project at that position. He takes a huge amount of either contested or off balance, or both, shots. Which leads me to question his decision making. He had the highest usage rate on his team. Lastly, they say he's a leader. Well, just where did he lead his team. They barely made the NCAA tournament, and one could argue that they didn't deserve to be there. In short, he didn't make his team a winner. I'm not laying it all on him, but he's the anointed leader, so a lot of that responsibility is at his doorstep.

So in short, I think he's more media hype than substance. But, if we end up drafting him, I'll hope and pray that I'm wrong, and I'll certainly support him. My question to those of you that like him, is why? I mean if you didn't think Tyreke was the right fit for the Kings, I just don't understand how you can think that Smart is. On the other hand, Payton is the exact opposite of Smart, and one could argue that he matches everything Smart does, and then some. He's taller, more athletic, just as good a defender, a much better ballhandler, and definitely a pass first PG, if that's what your looking for. The one thing they have in common is that neither is a good outside shooter. In fact, both are terrible and both shot under 30% from the three. So they both have the same flaw. The difference is, Payton knows it, and seldom takes three pointers, where Smart continues to just chuck away. Payton will remind you of Tyreke with his ability to weave his way through traffic to the basket. Where Smart is more of a straight line attacker. But both make most of their money attacking the basket.

Of course my personal favorite in the this draft, at least where we're picking, is Nik Stauskas. I've spoken about a player having the wow factor, which means a player does something during a game that made me sit up and say wow, that was impressive. Other than Parker, no other player gave me more wow moments than Stauskas. Now that in and of itself doesn't make anyone a star. I had few wow moments with Wiggins, and I doubt he's going to be a bust. I had a lot of wow moments with Jimmer at BYU. And by no means am I comparing Stauskas to Jimmer. The only thing they have in common is that both are white, and both are very good shooters. Stauskas is a way better ball handler, and is a better athlete. In general, Stauskas is a more rounded player than Jimmer. He has a ton of moves with which to create his own shot. You never know whether he's driving to the basket, or pulling up for a fade away, or dishing the ball to a cutter. He almost plays like a PG and is a terrific passer. Point is, despite the fact that we already have McLemore, he's a great fit for the team. Plus he's a deadly outside shooter either as a catch and shoot, or coming off a screen. He nas a lightning quick release. When you add in that because of his size, just under 6'7" he can also play some SF, and because of his skill set, he can play some PG on occasion, he can be more valuable overall. My personal opinion is that I think Stauskas has a chance to be a star. He needs to work on his defense, but I believe he has the tools to become a good at best, and decent at worse defender.

I like McDermott, and in some ways he's a similar player to Stauskas. I think Stauskas is a better athlete, but don't underrate McDermott's athleticism. I don't question his ability to score. He, like Stauskas had refined his offensive game to where you just don't know what he's going to do. He has the Dirk fade away. He can come off a screen, or he can spot up in the corner. He's amazingly effective in the post despite being a little undersized. He always seems to know what he's going to do before the ball hits his hands, and therefore seldom has any wasted motion or wasted dribbles. His BBIQ, like Stauskas, is off the charts. And again like Stauskas, he's a very good passer and a very unselfish player. Where the separation comes is with his ballhandling. He's not a bad ballhandler, but he's not great either. However, ballhandling isn't at a premium for his position like it is with Stauskas. The other difference is that I think Stauskas is more athletic than McDermott, and has better lateral quickness, and therefore has a better chance to become a good defender. But, no guarantee's on either. One thing they both have in common is that both are gym rats that constantly work on their games, and both are very smart basketball players. Either would help spread the floor and either would help in the assist dept. Both are the kind of player the Kings are looking for. Not without flaws, but just about every player in the draft has some sort of flaw.
Epic. Great draft preview.