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    Forecasting Bagley

    He has the potential to be a 20/10 type guy. The problem we have is he is so injury prone AND he needs to accept and adjust his game to benefit both him and his team. That means, develop a consistent 3Pt shot and don't be a black hole on offense. Pass the ball, create for your team mates and...
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    Frank the Tank!

    I am assuming this is for around a mnimum contract? This is a reasonable signing.
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    Poll: should the Kings match the offer for Bogi?

    Yes - match and work it out later. We CANNOT keep on losing talent for nothing.
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    Vlade had to go but let's be serious, do we really trust Vivek to make the right hire? What's the bet that Dumars will get the job!
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    [Game] Kings v. Nuggets - Monday, Oct. 28 - 7PT

    Still doesn’t change the fact that he is a darn good coach. Darn good coaches also happen to be stubborn in large part because they have a strong belief in what they are doing.
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    [Game] Kings v. Nuggets - Monday, Oct. 28 - 7PT

    So will people finally admit to the fact that coach Joerger was a damn fine coach? Walton just appears to be out of his depth here.
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    Trevor Ariza 2 years $25 mil

    Ariza was on $15m last year and he put up a 15/6/4 season. He was not signing anywhere for 2 year $14m and was getting more than that. He is especially taking less from us per year. If he doesn’t work out its practically 1 year $14.3m deal. Hardly a disaster that others are making it out to be.
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    Favorite free agent signing?

    All true! However, what is also true is that West also got a lot tougher. Lakers, Clippers, Utah, Dallas et al have all got significantly better in the last fortnight.
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    Next season’s scapegoat.

    As usual there are plenty of candidates in the Kingsfans kingdom. Bogdan would have to be the favorite given how unrealistic the expectations were after his rookie season and the blame he copped in his sophomore year. Ariza, Barnes, Joseph, Bjelica, Dedmon et all
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    Clint Capela

    So Houston didn’t dump his salary after all!
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    Favorite free agent signing?

    Its partially guaranteed. He still put up 15/6/4 last season. While we don’t expect him to do that he is a great veteran to have on the team on a short contract. People need to realize that this team obviously puts a lot of emphasis on cap flexibility. In order to have that, the team needs to...
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    Favorite free agent signing?

    To be honest I quite like all 4 signings. Dedmond fits very nicely in what we need from the position without taking away minutes from Bagley and Giles. Barnes fits the team nicely and when you look around at the contracts handed out, it’s nowhere near as bad a contract as people we complaining...
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    Cauley-Stein to sign with Warriors

    This might actually be a great situation for Willie as it might finally knock some sense into him and get him to focus on what he should be focusing on.
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    is it going to be Dedmon?

    Would be a pretty solid pick up for us. Fits in pretty well with what we have in the front court and team in general. Solid age profile. Also would leave some money on getting very good back up PG and SF.
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    Corey Joseph

    That post was made pre retirement announcement. Could have easily played a other 2-4 years