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    This is the realistic take. Edwards had a brilliant second half of the year, he deserved to come second. That's not a knock on Hali.
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    KingsFans 2021 Draft Board: #15

    Nomination: Roko Prkacin
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    Players that I would target with the 9th pick:

    Unless one of the expected top 5 drops, it's Sengun, Jalen Johnson or Giddey for me. Garuba is interesting but he's too raw for my liking considering the other options on the table. He's not a very good shooter and doesn't block shots which is worrisome for a player of his type. Admittedly he...
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    Kings approach at the draft...

    I wouldn't trade this pick (barring a haul that I wouldn't expect to get). There will be all-star level players taken after we pick, it's just about finding them. I really think Şengün could end up being a special player. Giddey has a lot of unique talent also, he is an awesome passer from the...
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    Players that I would target with the 9th pick:

    We definitely need to seriously look at Sengun. He's a huge talent. I would take him over many of the guys suggested in our range.
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    KingsFans 2021 Draft Board: #3

    I second the Giddey nomination. Big fan of Todd too, though.
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    KingsFans 2021 Draft Board: #2

    Jalen Johnson is my nomination.
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    They Say It's Your Birthday...

    Thanks, Slim!
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    2021 NFL Draft Open Thread

    The thing about Pace is he has also found some good players in the later rounds. We still need a CB, WR and OL so I expect those to make up some of our remaining 4 picks.
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    2021 NFL Draft Open Thread

    As a Bears fan, I am ecstatic we landed Fields. I just hope we don't ruin him. He dropped for literally no reason, a lot of easily debunked criticisms of him pre-draft. Has been number 1 on my QB rankings for a long time, yes even ahead of Lawrence.
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    Probable Lottery picks in the 2021 Draft:

    Shocking news. My stomach sank when I heard. His whole life ahead of him, just so sad.
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    2021 Draft prospects

    If we're sitting around 10, which is looking likely, then Giddey and Jalen Johnson should both be in play. Both big playmaking wings with a lot of upside.
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    Fans back in the G1C soon?

    Well, while I see where you're coming from, and certainly don't think it should be illegal to be a looney (unless breaking the law), there absolutely should be sanctions for companies spreading misinformation. People can be looneys all they want, but companies have a responsibility to prevent...
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    Fans back in the G1C soon?

    Could you give an example of what sort of freedom restrictions corporations could be forcing people to comply with in 10 years as a result of public health measures due to a global pandemic? Not an exhaustive list, but a single example. This is a genuine question.
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    Fans back in the G1C soon?

    I think I may be missing something, but in this scenario, why would a store need to see your medical treatment/conditions? In the context of the store, it's wear a mask or refuse service. Stores are not going to be asking for proof of vaccination. What you have suggested as the compromise, is...