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    2/2/2018 76ers game - Looking for tickets

    I'm looking for two for tonight too. DM me.
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    We Need To Stop Teaching Our Kids That It’s Okay To Think Chris Webber Was A Complete Basketball Pla ;)
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    Home opener commercial free (merged)

    A casual fan isn't scheduling their life around free Kings games on TV so 10% of the schedule means very few games for them probably, and who even knows if they're good ones. It seems like this is an improvement over what we've had though.
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    Home opener commercial free (merged)

    Are they going to make the games viewable for those of us without cable or willingness to spend $189 for League Pass? Heh. They've made it pretty hard for casual fans to keep track of the team which becomes a feedback loop, out of sight, out of mind. It would be nice if there were a per game...
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    Chat room

    You can set up a free virtual room on . It's pretty easy to do.
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    2 free tickets to tonights game.

    I object to these sorts of threads in Kings Rap. In the future please PM me directly with any free ticket offers. :)
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    The Lockout has arrived.

    Let's say the sides don't agree and the NBA falls apart. What's to stop the NBA players from starting their own league? They have the talent. The arenas will be sitting empty. The TV time will be open. Who knows, pro basketball might even be better if it ran like a real business, owned by...
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    The Lockout has arrived.

    This isn't about rationality. Both sides are playing the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) strategy. Both sides want to show that they're willing to destroy the league to force the other side to their way. The fact that the players are more hungry than the owners doesn't matter that much. NBA...
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    has geoff petrie been eyeing jimmer for awhile?

    Posting in epic thread.
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    Pau Gasol Apologizes For Bizarre, Avant-Garde Sex Tape

    Pau Gasol Apologizes For Bizarre, Avant-Garde Sex Tape Gasol and an excommunicated nun filmed the tape in an attempt to "turn back the commodification of sensuality and reclaim it as an act of human expression and fear."...
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    Kings get Marquis Daniels?

    The draft pool in 2017 is predicted to be very deep. There are some extremely talented 6th graders out there right now. Petrie has screwed us again. ;)
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    Another Sign Points to Kings Desire to Leave Sacramento

    I've seen this coming for a long time. Sac doesn't have the money or will for a new stadium and the Maloofs have much of their net worth tied up in the Kings. However they feel about Sacramento they aren't going to martyr themselves for it. The NBA needs to fix itself if it wants to foster...
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    Some positive news?

    JM: Wait a second! We can't move the team, we already did our season ticket photos! GM: Oh snap!
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    [Game] Grizz @ Kings Game Thread 12/29/10

    So good!