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  • I like your style. Looking to gather friends to make myself feel more special. I am spending alot of time here on the site and find you informed and of even disposition.
    I'll be real shocked if Arthur goes top ten. Stranger things have happened though. The guy I think is going to drop is Gallinari. The interesting pick is going to be Minny at three. I've read that their considering Love. That would shock me considering that they need a center. Unless they think Love can play center, which he did in college. Personally I would take Lopez if I were them.
    The way I saw it was that Augustin could fall because of his size. I think it was you that put his measurements next to CP3 right? The good thing is that one of those top twelve I have listed will fall to us. I wouldn't mind drafting any of them. (my top 12). If Arthur goes top ten then I think Westbrook might fall to us.
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