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    Bogdan at Small Forward

    I don’t understand the obsession with having someone start. I think the more important thing is who finishes the games and Buddy is finishing them on the court. I see no reason why we should start Buddy who is clearly enjoying and embracing his role, plus he is producing well in that role.
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    Who do you want, if the Kings pick #6 to #8 overall in the draft?

    I think Michael Porter Jr. will be the one that slides. Back surgery that kept him out most of the year and he is not exactly putting on a great display since his return. Teams will be less inclined to take a risk just like they didn’t want to do it with Giles. If he is there at Kings pick...
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    Watching the kids grow up

    I wasn’t talking about high school or college kids. I was talking about star in professional sports. Huge difference.
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    Watching the kids grow up

    So tell me how is that a bad thing? Which star player did not have a high opinion of himself and unwavering confidence in his own ability? If you look around that is actually one of the main mental characteristics of star players world wide no matter what the sport!
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    The direction of the Carter/Randolph signings

    He couldn’t have gotten a higher offer from the Kings given that Houston gave him a maximum allowable contract for a player of his experience. At the absolute best the Kings could have offered the same as Houston did but not a higher offer.
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    DeAaron Fox - meeting expectations?

    Are you surprised?! This is the same “expert” that suggested we sign Enes Kanter for........wait for it........ Rim Protection! :eek::eek::eek:
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    Watching the kids grow up

    Agendas are difficult to hide!
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    Watching the kids grow up

    These young guys have improved since the start of the season. There is obviously character and right attitude here and there is some talent here. How good will that talent be in 3-4 years time, no one can say with any certainty. I believe that Fox can be an all-star. There is a lot of work...
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    Harry Giles article: By, Harry Giles

    I am not too worried about the health. I expect Giles with Kings to be better than the one people saw at Duke. I am more worried about the lack of basketball games and as such development since his junior year of high school.
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    Updated who would you pick, after Ayton Doncic

    With the Kings continuing to pick up wins in March, I think it might end up being the case of HEELLLLOOOOOO MIKAL BRIDGES!
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    Harry Giles article: By, Harry Giles

    Whether Giles can fulfill his potential remains to be seen but I cannot help but be impressed that the franchise is leaving no stone unturned to give him the best chance possible from health perspective! I genuinely hope that their efforts, patience and in this case risk appetite is rewarded in...
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    [Game] Kings v. Heat - Wednesday, March 14 - 7 PDT

    Precisely! ZBo has actually been instrumental in some of our loses this year. Every now and then he will have a good game like he did against Miami (though he gives up as many points as he scores if not more) but overall if you want to lose, have him on the floor.
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    DeAaron Fox - meeting expectations?

    So the debate on Fox continues. Personally, I wanted us to pick him at 5. I was hoping we were either going to get Fox or Tatum and I would have been stoked with either. I think I said somewhere leading up to the draft that if he can put it together, Dennis Smith Jr. has genuine all-star...
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    Trading this years #1.

    You cannot be serious. Recently, Kosta has been our best player. For a good play off-team, Kosta should be no better than your 7th best player. There is a HUGE gap between this Kings team and the play offs. The play offs are about 2-3 years away and that is if EVERYTHING works out perfectly for...
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    Looking forward past 2019 (split)

    The only problem I have with that approach is that at no stage, even when they won 60 games did the Hawks look like a genuine title contender. Good solid, perennial play off team but nothing more than that. Kings can certainly adapt the system they ran BUT the talent needs to be better if we...