Woohoo we beat the Storm

Wow - what a game in Seattle. The Storm was no match for the Monarchs without LJ.

What have I missed? Why has the Forum been down for several days - other than coming up with a slightly different color format and re-registration?

Slim - were you at the Storm game? I thought I might have seen you in your King's t-shirt.

I could only stick around after the game long enough to say a couple of words to Giuliana. The Monarchs were so jubilant going out through the exit tunnel that I could hardly hear what anybody was saying.

Does anyone know where in Greece Giuliana will be playing after the WNBA-Bench season?

Go Monarchs! Things are looking good heading into the upcoming road trip.

Mr. S£im Citrus

Doryphore of KingsFans.com
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I was. I sat in section 128, row 27, seat 20, and I was wearing my KingsFans.com t-shirt. If you were referring to that poor sap that they got during that timeout with the double dutch, that wasn't me.
Hey - you were sitting very close to where my season tickets "used" to be - section 128, row 17. But for Wednesday's game I was in section 114 on the opposite side of the court.

I'm drawing a blank on your reference to the "timeout guy" - I was either busy gabbing with neighbors or gawking at the Monarchs' Bench while what you described was going on. The Monarchs are something to look at, indeed - so - it was probably the latter.

It was at halftime when I was walking on the concourse - about halfway around - on my way over to section 128 to meet up with some old friends that I think I may have seen you. But I was rushing too fast to be sure - and already several steps past when the light bulb went on that maybe that King's Fan guy in the t-shirt was Slim. (Uuhhh, by the way, where does THAT moniker come from anyway?)

Well, there's a chance that the Monarchs may be storming the Storm's castle again in the playoffs. We might have another chance to meet.

Go Monarchs!