Willie Cauley-Stein Watch 2019

Will you root for Willie to do well?

  • Yes

    Votes: 5 27.8%
  • No

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  • Don't care

    Votes: 13 72.2%

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Will Kerr allow Willie to reach his full offensive potential, or will he stifle him?
Will Warriors become the worst rebounding team now that they have an 8.4reb/game center?
Will Willie find the love (and the money) he desires?
Will Willie get booed when he comes back to G1C given some of his latest comments?

These are just some of the questions we will try to answer here.
I will post any notable games (2 reb / 18 reb) Willie has during the season.

I liked Willie while he was here and seeing him on the Warrior's bench tonight (OCT 5, preseason, LAL vs GS), I remembered that I wanted to start this thread couple of months ago when Willie talk was permeating every other thread on this forum.


Hall of Famer
My Prediction; He will be the exact same pull-out-your-hair inconsistent sometimes great, sometimes awful, usually passable WCS.

And voted don’t care. His lackadaisical attitude wore out its welcome at the end. I don’t wish him ill will, but I will never root for him like I do some other former Kings.