What are your 5 favorite sports teams?

1) Kings
2) Eagles
3) Cubs
4) Iowa women’s basketball
5) Iowa men’s basketball (historically I’ve been a much bigger fan of the men’s team but Clark has been a game changer and I find women’s college ball more consistently entertaining than men’s.)


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Red Sox

I don't know right now my interest in the Timbers continues to be at an all time low but there was a time they were right up there with the Kings. I do like the Republic, St. Pauli, Liverpool and Celtic as well but not to the extent I used to love the Timbers.

Also I'm much more interested in University of Arizona football and basketball and my son's high school (sadly their football team lost a heartbreaker Friday night and their season is over but many of their other fall sports are in the state Semis right now) outside of the Kings and Bruins right now.


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I did something similar a few years back.

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To answer your question:

Sharks/Giants (kind of a tie this far down)

The Stockton Thunder/Heat used to be probably #3/4 with the RiverCats, but they moved to Canada. Stockton Kings probably come in 6th.

I really wish we had some local minor league hockey around here....fun to watch live!
1: "San Francisco" 49ers
2: Sacramento Kings
3: The Major League Baseball Team soon-to-be formerly known as the Oakland Athletics
4: Gonzaga Bulldogs Basketball
5: San Diego State Aztecs

With a special mention to the US Women's Olympic Gymnastics Team, which amounts to a week of actual fandom, followed by 4 years of TDoS.