Welcome Justin James!

The pundits had Cam Johnson going in the 2nd round (he went 11th). They had Bol Bol & Little as possible lottery picks (they went 25th & 44th).
From what I’m reading, the Warriors selected Jordan Poole well ahead of where those same pundits had him going as well.

Last I checked, the Warriors have been pretty good at this drafting thing. So if they subscribe to the strategy of drafting a player they like when and where they believe they can get him — regardless if the dude might have slid further — then that’s validation enough for me. ;)
With this kids build, athleticism and, of course, a lot hard work, I can see him adding 20+ pounds over the next season or two once the KINGS training staff gets a hold of him.
Unlike JJ, I will give him the benefit of the doubt because JJ was at a blueblood school where gaining weight/add muscle should've been easy. With James being at Wyoming, he just didn't have great access to strength and conditioning.. especially not for an ailing basketball program.

Not sure why he's perceived as obscure since he played in the same conference with San Diego St., UNR etc. The Cowboy's were on TV several times, but then, James wasn't exactly a household name. Then again, if he were a household name, the King's likely wouldn't have gotten him a 40. Dylan Windler wasn't a household name a couple of years ago, hell maybe even a year ago, but once everyone discovered him, wa la, he goes in the bottom of the first rd.

I guess what I'm saying is that Belmont with Windler was a more obscure school nationally than Wyoming was. Then again, Windler shared that conference with Ja Morant, who did draw a lot of attention to it. My opinion on this matter is worthless because I'm a college basketball junkie. I spend my spare time watching Eastern Kentucky play. You never know, there could be a diamond in the rough hiding there. ;)
Conference is weak, but the bigger reason why no one knows much about him is because the Cowboys were awful. Maybe this can be a Josh Allen (NFL QB now) case where Wyoming has a hidden gem? I was never a big fan of James at college, but he does have some NBA potential. He also seems very mature and coachable. You're right about his shot selection though. He was very trigger happy at Wyoming.
Sometimes being at a lesser school can be a blessing in disguise. There have been many players who have come from lower level schools who have gone on to have productive NBA careers and in some case to become All-Stars.

James has some athletic tools and some skills that could make him a productive NBA player. If the work ethic and the attitude is there, he might stick around. Nice height, nice skill set. Needs to put on weight and continue to hone his skills.

2nd round picks are long shots to make it anyway so no high expectations from me. If he sticks around, its a bonus.
With this kids build, athleticism and, of course, a lot hard work, I can see him adding 20+ pounds over the next season or two once the KINGS training staff gets a hold of him.
Eh, maybe. He's a 4 year product, that means any tremendous physical developments are unlikely. He does sounds like he could be wiry though so it will help. I think Vlade has it right, he's a combo G.
I remember when the Lakers drafted Larry Nance Jr. out of Wyoming in the late 1st years back and people called it a reach. Well, he's turned out to be a pretty good pro. Hopefully James can do the same.

On a side note, I've seen Nance Jr. dunk people into the stratosphere. He once almost put Brook Lopez into an early grave.
If he can defend PG's he is an interesting player to potentially play either guard spot alongside Bogi off the bench. Shows pretty good handle and feel.
Explosive dunker......some power jams for his size there. Some good blocks. Didn't see too many mid-range highlights. Better athlete than I expected - he's got some real throw-down fire reminiscent of Richard Jefferson in earlier years.
I want to call up W. Gabriel tho.
Me too! I have been rooting for Gabriel, and am looking forward to seeing what he can show us this season. Its difficult to assess his current state based on photos and videos of the first two days of practices leading up to the Classic and Summer League, but he looks more muscular and very active! Keeping my fingers crossed we see more of him this season.

Edit: My apologies for reacting without thinking! This is the welcome Justin James thread, and am equally excited about what he brings to the Kings, and will also be keeping a sharp eye on his progress. Welcome Justin!